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Window Installation Minneapolis & St. Paul

iStock_000004015269SmallWindows are an important component of any structure, as they let in natural light while protecting the inside of the structure from the outside. Unfortunately, there are times when the outside may meet the inside in the way of air leaking out the windows. If that is the case, then it is time to have them replaced with more energy efficient units that will also keep your indoor environment more comfortable.

If you have noticed that you can feel cold air coming through the windows during the winter, then it is likely air is leaking in the summer as well. This means that you are losing money by paying more on your energy costs. At Curtis Contracting, we can present you with options that will give you the windows you need to save money. In fact, the windows that our Minneapolis & St. Paul design and build company can introduce to you will pay for themselves over and over again through time.

Quality Window Options

The exact type of windows that you choose depends on a number of factors. The first is your budget. The second is the architecture of the home. The third is what you want your windows to look like. All three of these deciding factors can be combined in order to identify the perfect window. Replacement windows are very popular because of their affordability and their good fit. There are different types with varying degrees of energy efficiency. You can even choose how much light you want to come through a window. How much you allow will have an impact on the performance of the windows, as well as cost.

Simplifying The Window Buying Process

One of our priorities when you hire us to help you with your windows is to simplify the window buying process. There are many things that separate us from the other Minneapolis & St. Paul window installers and that is the fact that we pay very close attention to our customers’ requirements. This is one of the first things that we do so we can show you what options are available to you and then narrow them down from there.

We also offer financing so that you can have the high quality windows you want without having to pay for the entire cost immediately. You can pay for them over time while your windows save you money on the heating and cooling of your home. In addition to the savings, quality windows add value to the home. If you ever decided to sell, windows are an element that is looked at because buyers want to know that they are not going to pay more for heating and cooling than they have to. Plus, any improvement made to the structure is going to make it appreciate in value.

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Windows are an important part of a home because they allow light in and the ability to see the outside. Because they are necessary, they need to be functional when it comes to temperature control. If your windows are old or they are leaking air, your heating and cooling costs are probably higher than they need to be. To learn more about our window options, call us at 612-807-8968 to request your free estimate.