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iStock 000007936822Small 300x199 Basement FinishingThere are many types of basements throughout the Twin Cities. There are finished basements, unfinished basements, basements that are simply block walls and concrete floors, and those with block walls and dirt floors. Regardless of what type of basement you have, you can make it a functional space.

At Curtis Contracting, we can take your vision for your basement and turn it into the space that you have always wanted. When you take your existing basement and you remodel it, you add value to your home, as well as a beautiful space that you can spend more time in. All you have to do is tell our Minneapolis & St. Paul design & build contractors what you want and options will be made available for you to choose from.

Quality And Workmanship

We are highly confident that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work, as we are highly knowledgeable in what we do and we only work with the best materials. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty that has no limitations so that you know you are truly getting the best. Even when working on a budget, you can expect high quality work.

Basically, we will work with you to create a basement solution that works for you. We will meet with you, listen to your needs, and create an estimate for you. We will also review our financing options with you if you feel that financing is something you would like to take advantage of.

If you have no idea where to start with your basement remodel, we can show you options that will work with your basement so that you can make informed decisions about what to do. We are there to answer any questions that you may have so that you have all of the answers before making your final decision.

Experts With Decades Of Knowledge

Once your final decision is made, the job will be completed according to contract. We will do everything that you need us to do to complete your basement remodel and do it professionally. We can install flooring, carpets, walls, ceilings, fixtures, and much more. We can turn an unfinished basement into a sitting room or a place to hang out with friends. If you work at home, it can be a quiet office. Then again, you may be in need of an additional bedroom. The possibilities are endless and our Minneapolis & St. Paul design and build contractors will make your dream a reality in no time.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Design & Build Contractor

Sometimes basements are used for storage and other times they are used for much more. If you need to have your basement remodeled so it is a more functional space for you, Curtis Contracting can do the job. We can turn your basement into the space that you have always wanted, allowing you to get more out of your home. To learn more about what we can do for your basement, call us at 612-807-8968 to request a free estimate.

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