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iStock_000003279616SmallGutters are very important because they are highly functional components of the exterior of the home. When it rains, water runs off of the roof and into the gutters. The gutters then channel the water to the downspouts so the water can be properly directed away from the foundation of the home.

It is very important for water to be directed away from the foundation because pooling water can infiltrate cracks, make them larger, and compromise the integrity of the structure. Water seeping through the foundation can also cause water to build up inside the basement. If there are items stored in the basement, this can cause damage. If the basement is finished, then the water damage is going to result in repairs.

Many homeowners do not realize how important functioning gutters are. In fact, it is easy to forget they even exist until something goes wrong. If you notice something is wrong, you need your gutters cleaned or maintained, or you suspect it may be time for some work, Curtis Contracting is there to help you. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul design and build contractors are highly experienced in gutter installation, maintenance, and repair. That way you have gutters that will perform the way they are supposed to, thus prevent expensive damage that could occur in the future because of gutters that are not properly functioning.

Durable & High Quality Gutters

When you need your gutters replaced, we are able to present you with different gutter options. The different options available accommodate different budget levels, as well as home styles. Simply tell us the price range that you are comfortable with and we can help you from there. We also have financing available so that you can have the gutters you want without having to necessarily worry about the price. What you do is entirely up to you.

Beauty That Lasts

Gutters can even add to the beauty of the home. Just because something is functional doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul gutter installation specialists can show you the different materials and colors that would look great on your home so you can make an informed decision. The gutters that we can install complement both new homes and remodeling projects. We can coordinate the gutter system with existing siding, soffit and fascia is if they have always belonged together.

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Gutters are extremely important to preserving the integrity of a home’s structure. The reason is because they prevent water from pooling around the foundation and weakening it. They also prevent water from running down the external walls and infiltrating them. This is why it is very important to ensure gutters are in working order. If you need new gutters or your existing gutter system needs to be repaired, Curtis Contracting can help you. To learn more about our gutter services, call us at 612-807-8968 to schedule your free estimate.