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CCAT Web PictureSiding, soffit & fascia are very important elements of the exterior of your home. If any of these components are damaged, it is important to have the issue addressed as soon as possible so that areas that should not be exposed to moisture are kept dry and to avoid damage elsewhere along the exterior of the home.

If you have noticed that you need work done on your siding, soffit and/or fascia, Curtis Contracting is just a telephone call away. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to determine the best course of action, provide you with an estimate, and complete the project according to your budget and specifications.

Expert Soffit & Fascia Work

There are a number of reasons why soffit and fascia may need to be replaced. Perhaps a storm blew off a piece of it or it suddenly starts detaching itself or falls. When soffit or fascia falls away, boards can be exposed. If boards are exposed, the moisture can cause damage to them and this can compromise the integrity of the structure.

We can replace your damaged, old, or outdated soffits. If you are having your siding replaced, it is best to have your soffits done at the same time. You will also want your fascia to match. It will need to be the same color and style as the rest of your siding. Paying close attention to this detail is something that we are known for, whether we are installing new siding on a whole home or we are just replacing pieces of siding, soffit, and fascia that have been damaged by storm or by time.

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Siding, soffit and fascia are very important elements of a home’s exterior. They protect the outside walls and ensure the structure’s integrity for the long-term. At Curtis Contracting, we can install new siding, soffit and fascia to ensure that integrity is preserved. Exterior work can also give your home added personality and improve its curb appeal. To learn more about our services, call us at 612-807-8968 to request a free estimate.